As a former educator, I have always enjoyed being involved with individuals in the classroom. However, it was during my time working at an alternative high school when I realized how many students were unable to  participate in learning because of difficult and often traumatic life situations they experienced as children.  I am happy to say that this led me to my life’s work of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist.

My interest in attachment theory informs my belief that as human beings we all require safe, secure, meaningful relationships with each other. And, the most important aspect of the counseling relationship for me is in the collaborative nature of the work. I have always believed that the answers to life’s most perplexing problems lie within. To be present for an individual or couple as they arrive at that place of knowing is an honor and a privilege.

I particularly enjoy working with couples who are in transition and believe they can benefit both emotionally and spiritually by participating in therapy — whether to strengthen their attachment bonds or to decide if their relationship is the one they want to remain in. Sometimes the ending of a relationship is the beginning of a new one. My goal is to help couples discover the richness of their own unique relationship so they can achieve the relationship they desire with their partner.

I am a certified EMDR therapist and have a special expertise in treating individuals who have suffered from traumatic experiences.