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The therapeutic process is a uniquely individual journey for anyone wanting to find more  happiness in their life, be it in the area of personal relationships, resolving depression or anxiety, or simply dealing with unexpected life challenges. Sometimes obstacles show up which make us  feel stuck, causing even more stress and contributing to unhealthy ways of coping as we try to move forward. But here’s the good part: the very act of seeking help is, in itself, an important first step toward making change.

With awareness comes the possibility of a different blueprint and approach for living life that is fulfilling and meaningful. And, as a therapist who believes that we each possess the innate ability to take responsibility for our destiny, I am confident that psychotherapy can provide you with many valuable tools to help you in this process.

My approach when working with people is collaborative and supportive. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach in choosing a therapeutic model and specifically consider where a person is in their life as a starting point toward self-empowerment and healing. The therapeutic relationship is a place where you can find acceptance and understanding as we together decipher the meaning and richness of your experiences.